tps92411evmThe TPS92411EVM-002 provides a high-brightness LED driver based on the TPS92411P in conjunction with a discrete linear regulator. It is designed to operate with an input voltage in the range of 190 VAC to 260 VAC with a 230-VAC nominal input voltage. This input voltage range is typical for offline applications.
The EVM is set up for a default input current of 70 mA for 16 W total power and 3 LED voltage stacks of 40 V, 80 V, and 160 V. The TPS92411 helps provide high LED utilization, good power factor, low THD, and flicker free dimming.


Arduino FT800 PCB

The FT800 combines display, audio and touch functionality into one single chip, powered by FTDI
Chip’s advanced EVE technology (Embedded Video Engine). The FT800 device interfaces with a
system MCU via either an SPI or I2C interface.

Here is PCB as Arduino FT800 Shield using NHD-4.3-480272MF-ATXI#-T-1 TFT display.

FT800-Arduino Schematic (248 downloads)
FT800-Arduino BOM (146 downloads)
FT800-Arduino PCB (160 downloads)
FT800-Arduino Gerber (143 downloads)



The FT311D is a Full Speed USB host specifically targeted at providing access to peripheral hardware from an Android platform with a USB device port.
The device will bridge the USB port to six user selectable interface (UART, GPIO, PWM, I2C Master, SPI Master, SPI Slave).

Very soon I will publish demo application.

FT311 Schematic (283 downloads)
FT311 BOM (140 downloads)
FT311 PCB (166 downloads)
FT311 Gerber (140 downloads)

  • Bare PCB
  • Assembled PCB
  • Assembled PCB
  • LED Driver
  • LED Driver

Gadget Renesas SAKURA board (Arduino compatible) based on Renesas RX63N series 32-bit MCU. It has on-chip flash memory and enhanced communication functions, including an Ethernet controller and USB 2.0 Host/Function.

On-chip flash memory of RX63N is programmable by USB mass storage mode, and the on-chip flash memory of RX63N is visible as a drive on your PC.

You can program the Gadget Renesas SAKURA board with the Cloud base compiler supported by Renesas. With the Applet on the Android smart phone, makes it possible to build an application with a module plug-in your own application. In this way, anyone can build a system without complex programming.

Summary of the GR-SAKURA board

Microcontroller: RX63N(R5F563NBDDFP)
Operating Voltage: 3.3V
Clock Speed: 96MHz
Digital I/O Pins: 55
Analog Input Pins: 16
Flash Memory: 1MB
RAM: 128KB
USB- Function: (mini-B)